Infinite Campus (IC) Portal provides parents and students instant access to attendance, grades and assignments. This portal is an important tool in the enhancement of the home-school partnership helping to ensure the success of all students. Information available via the IC Portal include: 

  • Demographic Information
  • A family calendar that displays attendance events and assignments due for all students in the household (grades 2-12)
  • An individual student calendar for each student in the household
  • A schedule of classes for each student in the household, assignments and grades for each student in the household (grades 2-12)
  • Report cards (grades 9-12)
  • Attendance by term/quarter and period for the year.

FFC8 reserves the right to remove or add additional components to the Campus Portal at any time.



Parents: To get started, review the IC Portal Acceptable Use Policy. You may print this out if you like, but you must read and agree to abide by these guidelines in order to activate your account. Then click on the IC Portal Activation Agreement link. You will need to print the agreement form and fill it out. If you have students in multiple schools, you only need to complete one activation agreement; return the Activation Agreement to one of your student's schools along with a photo ID. The non-resident form is only for legal guardians who are not local to the area. Contact your student's school before using the Non-Resident Activation Agreement Form.

Students: Access to IC Portal is available to all secondary students, grades 6-12. If your student does not know how to log in to their portal, please have them contact the school office for assistance. Students only have access to information that pertains to them.

♦Review the Recommended Browser Settings. If you are using Internet Explorer 7, you should also check the settings in the IE 7 Recommended Browser Settings.

♦Review or print out the IC Portal User Manual. This document is a great step-by-step tool that goes into detail with diagrams and explanations on how to use the IC Portal and what information you can expect to have access to.

Infinite Campus Documents

IC Portal Acceptable User Policy

IC Portal Activation Agreement

IC Portal Activation Agreement NonRes

IC Portal User Manual

IC Portal Browser Settings IE7

IE Portal Browser Settings IE

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